Welcome to Crisp React

This demo webapp was built by cloning Crisp React repository and executing  yarn build:prod  command.

The First Single Page Application (SPA) - Overview

The First SPA is rendered by the 'first' JS bundle called first.<hash>.js. The SPA consists of this Overview page and the three pages rendered by ComponentA, Lighthouse and NameLookup. Use the menu to go to either page.

Alternatively choose ComponentB belonging to the Second SPA rendered by the 'second' JS bundle. It will make the Second SPA load and if Redux was used then it would have caused destruction of any existing Redux store(s) thus allowing the next SPA to start with a clean plate.

The bundle (and HTML produced by SSR which is enabled for this SPA) can be seen by right-clicking on the page and choosing "View Page Source" menu. The HTML markup can be compared to that of the Second SPA which has SSR disabled.